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Lakritz ~ Liquorice

Almanza Ramazzotti LakritzAlmanza Ramazzotti - we call him "Lakritz"
(Almanza Jigsaw Puzzle x Almanza Quite The Thing)
Lakritz is born on 23rd of may 2009 at Kennel Almanza - Eskilstuna/ Sweden. A dog from that Kennel and of course from his wonderful mother Almanza Jigsaw Puzzle, was for a longtime our biggest wish.

Lakritz is very successful and eager to work. He has also demonstrated his expertise during the last 3 years on shows in germany and other european countries. It was an easy "walkthrough" to get the titles.

We are also very proud of the 4th place in the Championclass on the World Dog Show Salzburg/ Austria. This ring was definitly the hardest competition ever. There were many fantastic dogs in the ring. We think everybody can imagine that we call the 4th place an "ultimate accolade". Furthermore Lakrits won the Clubshow 2012/ DRC. He became also the predicate Best of Breed (BOB) in this show.

His conformation score is excellent. ("Formwert"/ Germany - Judge H. Assenmacher-Feyel)
very firm charakter
, socially, very obedient and loyal to his leader, always good for a laugh. His untiring eagerness for work was coupled with a tremendous strength of will.
Lakritz passed until now
JP/R, APD/A and BHP A+B, further exams will follow.

Lakritz is registered since July 2011 as studdog at the DRC e.V.  (VdH - FCI)  without any conditions.

C.I.E., C.I.B.,
Europeanwinner 2012; Clubwinner 2012, Winner Leipzig 2013, Belgian Winner 2013
GER Juniorchampion VDH/ DRC,  Juniorwinner Berlin 2010,  Juniorwinner Brandenburg 2010 Juniorwinner Neumünster 2010

 Ahnentafel/ Pedigree Lakritz